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Is the calling done on site? 
Get Me Appointments owns and operates a large call-center environment in the heart of midtown NYC. All of our calling is done on-site. The calling is closely managed for both efficiency and continued refinement.

What are the qualifications of the callers? 
Located in NYC, we have access to the strongest inside sales talent pool in the country. Each of our salespeople has extensive inside sales experience calling into corporations, reaching and engaging executive level decision makers in conversation regarding complex services and solutions. They know how to get off a strong pitch, qualify interest level and turn interest into qualified meetings.

Can you get face-to-face appointments? 
Absolutely! 90% of our business is focused on setting up qualified, face-to-face appointments for you to meet, develop the relationship and, most importantly, close deals.

What is a qualified appointment? 
A qualified appointment meets the following criteria:

  1. You are meeting with the appropriate Decision Maker (DM).
  2. The DM has a stated need or interest in your services.
  3. The prospect company has a budget for your services.

How many appointments will I get? 
Appointment rates will vary depending on many factors, including:

  1. What types of companies are we calling into?
  2. Are the prospects hard to reach or easy to reach?
  3. How commoditized is your offering?

Easier Campaign Medium Campaign Difficult Campaign
Appointment every 1-2 hours Appointment every 2- 4 hours Appointment every 5- 10 hours

How many meetings can you set up each week? 
Do you have a sales force and need 5-10 appointments per day? Are you the only salesperson and can only handle 2 appointments per week?

We will work with you. Our sales force is like a faucet. It can be slowed down or sped up to meet your day to day work schedule. This flexibility is what sets us apart from the competition.

What kinds of information can you gather for me from each prospect? 
You’d like to know a little about the prospect company we have set up for you to meet.

Do you need to know renewal dates? How many computers a company has?

You tell us what critical information you’d like to know about a prospect prior to a meeting and we will gather that information and include this as standard reporting.

What kind of reporting will I get? 
We can custom tailor reporting to meet your needs. Typical reporting includes real time notification of actionable items. For each appointment, a word document will be created and emailed (or faxed) to you within 1 hour of generation. For time sensitive items, phone contact will be made, as well. Documents will contain all pertinent information regarding the prospect (Company, Contact, Title, Phone, Email, revenues, employee size, etc), any client-specific information you requested (e.g. renewal dates, software installed, etc) and all notes from the Get Me Appointments caller that will help you prepare for your meeting.

What kind of management is given to my account? 
The calling process is closely managed to ensure results. The callers are continually updating account manager with success stories as well as reasons for resistance. This information is shared with you to brainstorm on how to continually improve the calling effort.

How long will the calling last? 
You tell us! Some clients want 8 hours of calling a day, with the project expiring in 1-2 weeks. Some clients only want 1 hour a day with the calling campaign lasting 3-4 months. Whether you are large or small, Get Me Appointments will custom tailor the calling effort to meet your budget and availability for meetings.

How many callers will be working for me? 
Initially we will train many callers to work for you. We will start the calling very slowly and find out which callers will have success. Once we establish which callers have success (in both quality and quantity) we will dedicate these callers to your campaign.

Do you have experience calling Fortune 500 companies? 
Absolutely. We’ve had great success calling into large companies, reaching CFOs, CEO’s and other executive level decision makers.

Can your callers discuss my companies’capabilities as well as me? 
While it would be hard to train someone to sell as well as you, we come as close as you could hope for. Before any calling, all of our callers will be thoroughly trained on your business, the products and services you offer, competitors, industry fundamentals and the relative value of your offering.

How will the prospecting list be developed? 
We can develop most callings lists internally for a list development fee. Highly specific lists can be developed through our preferred list brokers. Please refer to our Lists page to learn more about lists.

Our Location

Our New York City based call center provides your business access to the strongest sales talent pool in the country.

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