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Who do you want as a client and why?

Calling Lists are an important element in new business development. Just like in real estate, where it's "location, location, location"... in telemarketing it's "the list, the list, the list..."

NTI can develop effective calling lists
with the following criteria:
industry or sic code geographic area contact title
sales volume employee size  
credit rating # of computers  
(and a range of other demographic break downs)

You can have the best inside salespeople in the world, offering the best solutions, but if they're offering it to the wrong people, it's all for nothing. So the quality of your list is a key element.

When this process is organized properly with detailed thought and knowledge, it will work - Results!

But just as important is to know who you want as a client and why, so this targeted marketing approach is as efficient and successful as possible. At the start of each campaign NTI spends significatnt time, in a consulting mode, with our clients determining this factor.

NTI also offers services that include mining and cleaning up your own database of clients and prospects both current and past.

National Teleservices Incorporated

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