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Image of making business relationships At Get Me Appointments, we specialize in call listscold calling, and sales appointment setting services. Get Me Appointments is based in New York City area, but offers our services nationally.

Our objective is to provide appointment setting services that lead to qualified appointments which bring in more business for your company.

Our goal is to get your company qualified appointments, not just appointments. A qualified appointment has to meet several requirements before it is passed on to our clients.

Get Me Appointments works with clientele in a large variety of industries. Meeting each company’s individual needs for a qualified appointment requires experience. For examples of the industries that have already profited from the added advantage of our cold calling services.

Also, please review our industries that can benefit from cold call services page or see our sales call results & testimonials page for statements from our satisfied clients.

Our professional callers at Get Me Appointments have all had extensive sales calling experience. Not only must our callers meet performance requirements before they are permitted to make calls for our clients, they also undergo comprehensive training about your company and its appointment needs. To learn more about our callers, go to our qualifications of callers page.

If you have any questions about what Get Me Appointments can do for your business, view our Q&A belwor or see our FAQ page or just contact us for more information.

What makes for a qualified Appointment?

A qualified appointment meets the following criteria:

1) You are meeting with the appropriate Decision Maker (DM).
2) The Decition Maker has a stated need or interest in your services.
3) The prospect company has a budget for your services.

What type of Appointment are you looking for?

Do you want Face to Face Appointments?
Sit down for Face-to-Face meetings with Executive Level Decision Makers who understand what you are offering, have a stated need and budget.

Do you want Conference Calls?
We’ll identify interested Decision Makers and set up times for you to discuss opportunites via conference calls. You make the call, further qualify interest level and set up physical meetings if there is a fit, or close deals over the phone.

Do you want Online Demos?
We’ll reach key decision makers, identify interest and set up times for you to do online demos of your services

Who do you want to want to be meeting with?

Who is the appropriate Decision Maker (DM)?
A decision maker is the person who, if your product or services were needed, has the power to “pull the trigger” and close a deal.

We’ll find out who the DM is, reach the DM and make a professional pitch on your behalf. When we identify interest, we’ll set up an appointment for you to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

What information do you want us to gather from a prospect prior to a meeting?

You’d like to know a little about the prospect company we have set up for you to meet. Do you need to know renewal dates? How many computers a company has?

You tell us what critical information you’d like to know about a prospect prior to a meeting and we will gather that information and include this as standard reporting.

Our Location

Our New York City based call center provides your business access to the strongest sales talent pool in the country.

Contact Us Today
Contact Get Me Appointments
1002 Quentin Road, Suite 3011
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11223

Tel: 718-376-1555 Fax: 718-376-8589 Email: