People have been asking: Is this the right time to begin a telemarketing campaign?

The thing with telemarketing during COVID. First, certain industries should not do any telemarketing now. However other industries can embark on very successful campaigns right now. For instance, telecom and IT companies have a great opportunity to get a foot on the door because many businesses are in turmoil trying to accommodate their newly formed work-at-home workforce.

Who should be on your list to call?   If you are farming out the b2b telemarketing to a person or professional company, only include on the calling list companies that are sizable enough and are the right industries that you are eager to chase a bit. The telemarketer only opens the door.

Does Telemarketing work?   Not always. But when it does it pays off big. If you intend to win you must use a strategy. Make sure the telemarketing company you outsource to fully understands your mission. Make sure the list is right. Make sure the message is right. Make sure you follow up on the appointments and leads. This way you tilt the odds in your favor.

What about the script? Don’t use last years script. Don’t rely on just one script. Don’t think that the caller will have enough time to read more than two or three sentences initially. Don’t use an opening script to the receptionist that indicates you are a telemarketer. Do present yourself as from your client’s firm. Do say something that indicates the strength of the company you represent. Do come to the point quickly. Do single out what you can fix that may be wrong at prospects company.