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Qualified Appointment Setting Services

Let National Teleservices set up appointments for your company.

National Teleservices Inc (NTI) identifies and schedules qualified sales appointments for you. Appointment Setting is NTI’s primary service, we are an industry leader in setting qualified appointments for our clients, resulting in new business for you.

There are different types of call services; face to face appointments, conference call appointments, invitations to seminars and trade shows and market research. Establishing qualified face-to-face appointments with decision makers is our area of expertise.

In addition to setting up the appointment, opportunities are identified via NTI’s expert cold calling techniques. The optimum sales results come from cold calling and appointment setting with prospects who have a need and a budget allocated for your products and/or services. NTI knows how to get you qualified appointments.

Qualifying the Opportunity

Qualified Appointments

You tell us what constitutes a qualified appointment for your business. Appointments can be physical face to face appointments or conference call appointments. Appointments are qualified for you by:

1) Meetings with the appropriate Decision Maker (DM).

2) The DM has a stated need or interest in your services.

3) The prospect has a budget for your services.

For more information about what constitutes a qualified appointment read more about NTI.

Results Oriented (Pay per Appointment)

An equitable price is quoted per appointment. You purchase a block of appointments. NTI will cold call until we deliver the appointments that satisfy the agreed upon criteria. If an appointment we set doesn't take place or fails to meet your qualifications, we will replace it at no additional cost.

The Works (Pay per Calling Hour)
You buy a block of calling hours. We provide you with information about EVERY CALL OPPORTUNITY we uncover for you. This type of cold calling plan can often outperforms a results oriented calling campaign.

The System

NTI does the ground work for you, relieving you of this frustrating and time consuming work of cold calling, prescreening and qualifying new market opportunities for your service or products. We do not employ a "Boiler Room or Factory" approach to marketing and appointment setting. The foundation upon which our marketing model is built upon is qualitative not quantitative. Our marketers adapt their approach while engaging a prospect, thus they "think outside the box." We design and follow a script as a guideline to ensure we don't miss any information or benefits. However, we don't READ the script and sound robotic and bored.

We are skilled conversationalists that know how to present your product or service in a clear, confident, and natural manner. That confidence is a direct result of our extensive interviews with your senior sales or marketing executive to get a "feel" of the operation as if we were employed there ourselves. In most instances, we actually go to your location with our NTI project manager or NTI sales staff, which helps to reinforce this personalized approach.

In addition, for added convenience our offices are located in Midtown Manhattan where clients are encouraged to contribute their input, come by to speak with your account manager or our staff. We also have flexible staffing so for project to project we can expand or contract to accommodate your specific needs.

Results Notification

Time is of the essence, so an important part of NTI's services is updating you in real time with qualified leads via email or fax to either single or multiple locations daily or weekly. Database updates are also provided to you periodically, so you can update your marketing database with the information that we collect during our appointment setting, general new business development and telemarketing activities.

In addition, custom reporting is available to make sure you have enough information on any project elements, which are critical to you. We can either use the standard NTI package of reporting or customize our reports to your existing or future software needs.

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