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Benefits of Outsourcing

Why Outsourcing is cheaper than hiring an internal cold caller.

Hiring the caller - Not everyone is a good inside salesperson. We often have to interview over 25-50 callers for each caller we hire. Hiring the wrong caller can lead to hundreds of unproductive calling hours. We interview callers by the dozen each and every week, and as a result, are proficient at picking the strongest callers.

Turnover - A good inside salesperson might be hard to find, but he/she is even harder to keep! People are constantly looking for better jobs and hence, there will be turnover. It can use a lot of unnecessary resources (time and money) to continually replace productive callers.

Training - Each caller requires days/weeks of training before they are ready to start effectively making appointments. We absorb this with each new caller that we hire.

Script Writing - Each new client requires the creation of multiple calling scripts, along with rebuttals to handle any questions or objections that the caller may encounter. GMA is expertly qualified to create professional, effective scripts.

Management / Quality Assurance - There is a great deal of management that is required in ensuring quality appointment setting. GMA is constantly monitoring calls, re-training callers and re-strategizing with Clients to find ways to better market to potential clients.

General Costs of Hiring an Employee - An inside salesperson incurs additional expenses, including phone charges, desk space, computers, payroll taxes, insurance and other benefits, and general office supplies. GMA absorbs all of these costs.

Administrative Costs - There are administrative costs that are incurred with regards to appointment setting. The caller will take time to record notes on each call, as well as detailing information regarding interested prospects. GMA has taken this function away from the caller. All information is submitted to administrators, who spend the time compiling information, filing and sending to clients. All administrative costs are absorbed by GMA at no additional cost to clients.

Strategic Planning and Consultation - If there was one single reason to outsource with GMA - this is it! Joe Massry and David Kaplan have the skill and knowledge to ensure excellent results. Get the benefit of their collective years of experience. They have tackled challenging projects and have discovered techniques to produce successful campaigns for our clients. This is where ideas come in.

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