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" GMA has been instrumental in getting us in the door with quite a number of key prospects. Chris Guli has been my key coordinator contact at GMA and very responsive to my needs. Steve Friedman has been very adept at getting the key appointments with high level decision makers at companies with large telecom billing. All together, they are helping me fill my pipeline full of leads that allows me plenty of opportunity to close many deals in the weeks and months ahead. The most recent appointment has been with a company with multiple locations, having large telecom accounts and eager to close the deal right away." -Tom M., Telecom Cost Reduction Company in the NYC Metro Area

" If you can close, Get Me Appointments is the best ally a salesperson can have. I estimate that about 40% of my meetings arranged by GMA result in a sale. Of course it doesn’t hurt that my colleagues and I are good salespeople, but I know for a fact that the folks at GMA have vastly narrowed my closing cycle being the savvy, sales-oriented professionals that they are. Hardly a month goes by when I don’t call up David Kaplan and let him know about another great appointment that’s been booked by GMA. ” -Jason S. , Corporate Accounting Services in Syosset, NY

" Since, I have used telemarketing in the past I had a pretty good idea what to expect. However Joe Massry and GMA exceeded my expectations and quickly generated super appointments which ultimately led to enrolling new clients. Chris as my point man was always available to make sure each appointment was confirmed and qualified before I went. Don't waste your time searching for the the right company - these are the guys to use." -Irwin K. , Corporate Accounting Services in Brooklyn, NY

" I want to express my appreciation toward you and your team for the excellent service and results that you have given me for the last three years. Today's business climate is tough. I selected Get Me Appointments as my telemarketing partner because I felt that you would enable me to quickly get my marketing efforts off to a solid start.
The experience has been more than I expected, and your service has been very reliable and timely.
Through your appointment setting I was able to bring in over a dozen new clients from a diverse range of businesses, including several construction companies, an attorney, a food manufacturer, a trucking company and an ice cream parlor chain. These clients are still with me and it appears they will be with me for years to come. 
Your callers have been very effective at finding the right prospect at the right time. I know it takes persistence when telemarketing for a CPA and as a result a high percentage of the appointments you sent me where looking to switch accountants or were somehow unhappy with their current CPA. I enjoyed working with your callers directly, as they have been very courteous and reliable. I have had the same pleasant experience with your administrative staff as well. Special thanks to Chris.
Your diligent callers have relentlessly followed up with leads that other telemarketing firms have let go of in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending Get Me Appointments at any time."  -Joe G. , Corporate Accounting Services, Princeton Area, NJ

" GMA is truly my right hand in times of need. As a Marketing Director for a major metropolitan commercial bank, I needed an agency that could react instantaneously to our varied and focused marketing efforts. GMA has been instrumental in scheduling appointments with qualified firms for our staff, which has lead to realized business. They also have been incredible in helping us advance turn out to events that we sponsor. The GMA staff is pleasant, professional and have become experts on al of our banking services."  -Carol T., from a Major Commercial Bank in New York, NY

" I want to express my appreciation for the appointments your callers have generated for me throughout the years. Steve has been wonderful as usual. You have helped me close millions of dollars in business for the bank, and also have given me a nice cache of leads to follow up with for a long time.
I have enjoyed working with your responsive and talented staff. Whenever I needed an urgent matter attended to, you were there for me and the bank. 
I would recommend Get Me Appointments to anyone looking to increase their brand awareness and market share."  -Alex V., Commercial Bank in New York, NY

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Our New York City based call center provides your business access to the strongest sales talent pool in the country.

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