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National Teleservices, Inc. Expands B2B Calling Operations

Press Release: Sept 15, 2008

National Teleservices, Inc. (NTI) has a unique approach to telemarketing. NTI specializes in business to business appointment setting for a diverse array of clients, from commercial banks to IT firms to cleaning companies. While many companies now outsource telemarketing or customer service to India, NTI is thriving right in midtown Manhattan.

What is the key to their success? It all starts with the initial client consultation. NTI asks a series of simple questions, designed to reveal the inner workings of their client’s product or service. In other words, “What makes them tick?” The ultimate purpose is to find a phrase or two that most aptly portrays the service—and compelling enough to entice the prospect to want to meet.

NTI then tailors a calling strategy that maximizes the client’s opportunity to sell. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to selling an appointment,’” says Joe Massry, owner of NTI... “What works for an insurance company may not work for a printing company.

The interview process is not necessarily easy—for NTI or the client. The written survey and interview are designed to learn what the company sells, and in what kind of market. According to Chris Guli, NTI campaign director, “Whereas some companies offer unique products or services, others are competing with recognized firms—the approach cannot be the same.” Massry explains it like this: “Let’s say we get a client insurance company that does commercial liability. We will not automatically recommend the strategy we used for a former client, even if successful. It could be a different region or a different market. That’s what the client consultation is designed to find out.” The result is a customized campaign strategy that generates more face to face appointments.

For more information about Business to Business telemarketing services contact:

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Chris Guli, Campaign Director


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