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National Teleservices, Inc. Expands B2B Calling Operations

Press Release: August 18, 2008

National Teleservices, Inc. (NTI), is expanding its business to business calling operations. Located in midtown Manhattan, NTI specializes in business to business appointment setting for a diverse array of clients, from commercial banks to IT firms to cleaning companies.

Many companies have found that hiring an outside call center can be more cost-effective than using in-house marketing people. NTI tailors its campaigns to the specific needs of clients, creating customized scripts and assigning seasoned callers. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to selling an appointment,’ says Joe Massry, owner of NTI.. “What works for an insurance company may not work for a printing company.” The NTI strategy: Hire mature callers with some background in sales or customer service, and use them on the campaigns where they are most comfortable. “According to Massry, “This really isn’t a job for college kids; they can’t relate to the business community. Rather, it is better for older career changers--people with sales experience pursuing something new.” When asked, Massry offered the example of the former broker going to school for an MBA, or people in creative fields with sales experience.

With this formula for success, NTI is expanding into new areas, including non-profit agencies and manufacturing companies. According to Chris Guli, Campaign director of NTI, they “get some interesting accounts, including manufacturers of state of the art technology and alternative energy companies. We even had a baker of gourmet cookie dough for school fundraisers.”

Another new area is trade shows; NTI has found that, while a company can send names on a prospect list E-Vites or post cards, nothing works better than a personal invitation. “After all,” says Massry, “every exhibitor at a trade show knows that their prospects want to be treated like gold. The phone call makes the prospect feel important.”

For more information about Business to Business telemarketing services contact:

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Chris Guli, Campaign Director


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